New TKO Website goes LIVE!

We are pleased to say that the new TKO website is now up and running. To be found at or the site completely replaces the previous one we had, one that we had used for over 5 years. Although we still have a couple of things to add we are happy to launch it now.

The old site had served us well but we felt it was time for a change and to move towards one that better served our needs. The old one was a great record of our considerable competition success, which we are of course very proud of, but failed we felt to fully illustrate our ever expanding program of classes and with it the range of people that we are currently helping in reaching their goals through whatever of our classes they are taking part in.

We hope you enjoy the new site and we can also say that this one will be updated far more frequently than the previous. You will also see that there is a direct link to the TKO ACADEMY Facebook page on the front page so please take the time to visit th