Notes from America – TKO at the IKF World Classic

The team has now returned from attending the IKF World Classic in Florida and had a great (but busy) time.

The event was excellent and very well organised and a lot of credit should go to Steve Fossum and his team for putting on a very well run event, from the weigh-in through to the finals, all was done very professionally.

We had a busy finals day and we came to test the team and we certainly did that. Garthy Shove fought Adam Poore in the final and I must admit I thought we may have taken this one but it was just one of those fights, a hard and tough encounter and either fighter would have felt hard done by to lose it was that close and so we had to settle for second place. Alex Manning, Jenna Yates and Kay Sumner all fought top class Canadian opposition in the finals and had to settle again for second this time but really did us all proud. Kay fought Jackie Lavichelle and she’s the best in the world and Kay took her the 3 rounds, it was great achievement. Likewise Jenna fought very well and I thought she had won and seemed to be outkicking her opponent but the girl from Canada was world class and Jenna put up a great fight. Alex fought Marco Capoticano and he’s had over 40 fights but Alex showed him no respect and gave him a great fight but this time was just not able to do it.

We had known for over 3 weeks now that these fighters were awaiting the team and I could not be prouder of them in the way they prepared themselves for what would be the biggest test of their careers so far.

Kelly Copeland took the title of world classic champion in the lightweight division beating team mate Claire Carr in the final, it was very good fight and both put up a great display. For 10 short minutes the girls put aside their friendship and battled hard for 3 rounds and gave it their all.

In conclusion….The team came to test themselves and they certainly did that, they will all be better for the experience and as a coach I’m very proud of them. With very little experience they took on some of the world’s best and gave career best performances and I would like to thank them for giving it their best.

It was as said a fantastic event and the team did us proud and of course well done Kelly for giving us yet another IKF World Classic Champion