TKO White Collar Boxing – Further Classes to be added

The TKO Academy is very pleased to announce that from September we will be extending our range of classes in our Lonsdale White Collar Boxing Program.  

For the past 18 months it has been in place only at the MAIDSTONE Academy and during that time has been a great success. Alongside a thriving group of people of all ages who train diligently every week to achieve fantastic levels of personal fitness we have also built up a strong team of Boxers who have achieved great success at both our KOMBAT ZONE events where they have shared billing with the TKO kickboxers but also at our first White Collar Boxing only show which we held at Lordswood Leisure Centre in June of this year.   There will be more White Collar Boxing at the next KOMBAT ZONE event set for 11th September and we are hoping to announce very soon our second exclusively White Collar Boxing event for the end of the year. However we should add that the biggest success has come simply from the wide range of people who have realised the great fitness and enjoyment that can be achieved through Boxing training. Therefore we are pleased to say we are now adding White Collar Boxing classes to the class schedule at our Medway and Ashford Academies and these will start in September.

The LONSDALE White Collar Boxing classes that we offer here at the TKO Academy offer all the many fitness benefits of Boxing with the classes suited for all levels. Any sparring is strictly optional and only open to members when a suitable level of ability has been achieved and whilst wearing full protective equipment.

Training consists of:

·            A basic warm up routine including skipping & shadow Boxing

·            Circuit Training

·            Stretching & Flexibility

·            Pad work & conditioning

·            Bag work

·            Technical tuition

·            One on One controlled application

Exact details of when the classes will start at MEDWAY and ASHFORD are available by contacting them on 01634-846944 and 07917870699 respectively and of course as always we offer a FREE introductory session and so if anyone wishes to book one of these classes they should call us NOW