Just a GREAT TKO Weekend!

Got it say it was a VERY good weekend to be the chief Instructor of the TKO Academy. We had just the best couple of days and I would like to thank all concerned. It started Saturday with team squad training as we are just 5 weeks away from the next big KOMBAT ZONE event on 13th May. Our line up that day will include Kelly Copeland, Harry Hennon, Tommy Everard, Jenna Yates, George Hennon, Kay Estelle Sumner, Bradley Fothergill and at this stage they are looking very fit and sharp and I’m very happy with their preparation. If you train at TKO make sure you come along and cheer them on, they are training HARD and deserve your support. Tickets are available from all Instructors.

In the afternoon we had our second TKO Interclub event of the year so far at the Medway Academy and this was a great success. We restricted it to people with less than 3 fights on their record and still had 25 fights. Thanks go to our good friends Jay Owers and Kelly Marie Owers at War 4 Sure and Paul Haworth-Star Kickboxing at Star Kickboxing for their support. As a way to introduce everyone to competition they work really well and we will hold another such event in a few months time.

Sunday started with our latest junior grading and this for me was just very enjoyable and all the kids involved showed great enthusiasm. Most of them are not taught by me on a day to day basis but by Martina Jones and I’m very proud of the success she has with her classes. They are packed, we lose very few students throughout the year in our junior program and the juniors are courteous, respectful and a credit to all of us at TKO…PLUS they kick and punch like champions! As an instructor you always want to produce people better than you and I’ve certainly done that with Martina whose a GREAT Instructor.

And finally and also on Sunday we sent a team of 6 fighters to the big Light continuous Kickboxing event in Bury St Edmunds under the charge of coaches Kelly Copeland and George Hennon. We had 4 wins and 2 losses in close tough fights and everyone fought very well. Well done to the team of Tyler Oxford, Jenson Rowley, Phoebe Dawson, Shannon Beaney, Harry Hennon and Bradley Wray…Thanks go to Pete Dunnet for a well run event.

And thanks once again from me to everyone, the students in our classes, the fight team, the juniors at the grading and the coaches for their assistance. A BUSY week ahead, hopefully it will be as successful and enjoyable as this weekend was




Our picture shows Jenson Rowley on his way to victory.