TKO AT SENI 2012 – Tickets now available

The TKO Academy now has tickets available for SENI, Europe’s biggest Martial Arts event of its kind. Bringing Martial Artists from all over the world it’s a fantastic day out for any Martial Arts enthusiast.

TKO members will also have another very good reason to attend this year as Patric Halforty will be taking part in a showcase event sanctioned by the IKF and if Patric can keep his unbeaten record there then there is hopeful talk of a well deserved title shot for him later in the year.

This is just another example of how the TKO Academy continues to operate at the very highest level within Kickboxing and the opportunity for a TKO fighter to appear at a massive event like SENI is testament to that.

If you require tickets then call 07912-577773 to book yours now.