TKO’s Fantastic Four!

After our successful Junior Grading on Saturday we were off to Aylesbury on Sunday for the latest event promoted by Steve Cook of Pegasus Kickboxing. Hosting a light contact event during the day and a Full contact one in the evening it was a busy day with TKO having fighters competing in the daytime and with TKO having several officials working for the IKF in the evening.

Our team was on this occasion just 4 strong, however what we lacked in quantity this time we more than made up with quality as the team was superb, all recording very good wins.

Harry Hennon was in top form defeating Brandon Cook from Pegasus, Bradley Wray once again had to fight Robert Kenly from KICKS however this time he left no room for doubt with a clear win, Jenson Rowley showed great control in defeating Jonah Hall from CMA and Chayden Carpenter gave away a lot of weight yet still came through with a great win. They all showed good style and were a credit to us here at TKO.

Jenson also stepped up and took on Marliegh Davies in second fight, a fighter much older, bigger and more experienced than him but he showed great courage and gave it his best, well done to him

I’m very proud of all of the team and also well done to our coaching team on the day of Kelly Copeland and George Hennon.