Following our latest TKO Kickboxing Grading we are very pleased to say that 4 new Black Belts were awarded and there was advancement to 2nd Dan for another. This was our one Black Belt Grading that we hold every year and we had some excellent candidates testing this year. Not all were successful and so there was some heartache as well as elation but hopefully those who missed out will learn and come again stronger. Our gradings are hard but fair and give a fair test of someone’s technique, fitness, fighting ability and character.  I’m sure everyone who witnessed the grading would testify to the fact that each and every one of our new Black belts gave it 100%

Our new 1st Dans are:

Tyler Oxford, 15 years old. Has been a member of TKO for 5 years and has come through our Junior and cadets classes and is now in our senior class. A member of our TKO Fight team he recently made a successful full contact debut with a clear win. Special mention to our TKO Juniors Instructor Martina Jones who laid the foundations for him so successfully those few years back

Bradley Fothergill, 17 yrs old and also with us for 5 years. A team member undefeated in 3 full contact fights and set to fight for an IKF English Junior title in 2 weeks time

Patric Halforty. Current IKF British Cruiserweight Champion and a member of TKO for 6 years.

Harry Hennon. 15 years old, formerly a junior Black Belt, he made the move to senior Black Belt. Undefeated in 3 full contact fights and fighting for an IKF British junior title in 2 weeks time.

Frank Miall. 1st Dan since 2006 (so definitely not rushed to next grade) Frank achieved 2nd Dan. Former member of our fight team now retired he fought some great full contact names in his career such as Barinder Singh, Brian Brosnan, Steve Swinburn, Phil Eton, Steve Granger etc etc. Now a member of the teaching team at both TKO Medway and TKO Maidstone.

I am extremely proud of all of them and they set a great example for all our members to follow. Please make sure you congratulate them when you next see them in  class.

Well done to everyone else who graded as well as we had students grade from the Red Belt right through to Brown Belt, an excellent standard shown throughout.