Great day at the TKO Interclub

Well done to everyone who took part in our last event of 2012. The Interclub event is designed as an introduction to competition and no one is allowed to compete who has had more than 3 fights so considering everyone there was very much a novice the standard was very good, especially amongst our younger members, some of whom were only 7 years old.

We had 24 fights and not one injury all day so well done to everyone for the control that was shown. As always we invited some friends to come along and share the day and so thanks go to Star Kickboxing, Hastings KA, FIMA and Falcon for their support.

We will hold another Interclub event very soon so if your thinking about having a go at competition be sure to put your name down next time.

Our picture shows Richard Draper and Henry Lee Wilson from TKO Maidstone who competed for the very first time