The TKO Academy is open! – Lets get training!


The TKO Academy re-opens tonight with our full schedule of classes.

Some people we know open in between the holidays but we believe that taking a physical and more importantly, a mental break is actually a good thing and helps to keep a balance. As instructors we are raring to go and get back to the gym, our enthusiasm for the year ahead is as high as it’s ever been and we look forward to seeing everyone there


To simply continue to work with everybody to help them reach their own personal potential.  Whether a beginner coming for the first time looking to gain some new year’s fitness or an aspiring ring champion we can as we have proved over the many years help everyone achieve their goals.


Our position as the home of the most successful Kickboxing team in the area is pretty much secure as once again 2012 saw us achieve great results all year round. Others in the area we see are talking about ‘fighters’ and ‘champions’ but the evidence does not back that up. It’s a slightly possibly conceited boast, but quite simply if your based in the area that the TKO Academy operates then we remain the place to be if its success in the ring your looking to achieve and we will continue to do our utmost and work as hard as never to ensure that remains so.  Already we have a full diary of events booked for the first 6 months ahead with fighters scheduled to fight on major promotions both close to home and further afield plus of course our own promotions as we remain Kent’s top promoters of fight events.


The TKO Academy is far from being all about competition as we have classes for all ages and offer instruction from as young as 3 with our TKO TOTS class, to our Junior section (6 to 11) through to the Cadets (age 12 to 16), each one a graduated step up until they progress to our senior advanced classes.

So…See we look forward to seeing everyone at the TKO Academy, a busy and eventful year lies ahead and look forward to working with everyone again, but if your thinking about starting for the very first time then give us call. Your find a friendly welcome for sure and you really have nothing to lose, but everything to gain