TKO TOTS – Second class to be added at Medway

Our TKO TOTS (Pre-school) class at TKO Medway has been running for some time now and through the hard work of Martina Jones has been a great success. However the biggest problem we have had is actually fitting all the children in who want to take the class such has been its success. This has resulted in us having to put children onto a wait list for some time, a list that has got bigger by the week.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that we will introducing a second TOT program and this will be running from the first week in April. Hopefully this will enable us to accommodate all the children who so far have had to miss out.

As before and with all our classes we will be offering a FREE introductory class and so to book your child their class just give us a call on 01634-846944 or 07912-577773, though please note that due to the age of the children places will be strictly limited so you are advised to call sooner rather than later

We look forward to hearing from you