TKO v Ireland – A good nights work for the team

Several members of the TKO team have just returned from Ireland where on Saturday night they were a large part of an England select team who took on an Irish team at a great event promoted by Peter Foley from Black Dragon Kickboxing in Galway.  They were joined by Eddie Smith and Liam Wells from our good friends at Star Kickboxing and Falcons KB respectively.

Bradley Wray had his first full contact fight and took a great win over Fawad Noonan

Harry Hennon met Kallum O’Sullivan for the second time and this time took the win on points. A bit closer than last time, Harry had to work hard for his win

Matt Pragnall met a very experienced fighter Alex Temnikov who had a lot more fights on his record, so the draw Matt got is a great result for him. Maybe a few more kicks and it might have swung it his way.

Jack Poole lost in a tough fight with a very strong fighter Arthur Pohkilo. Very proud of the way he kept to his task against a powerful opponent.

Kelly Copeland lost for the very first time against Lindsay Gore. This was a controversial one, I did feel that Kelly’s work was busier and more accurate but Lindsay is certainly a good fighter it was just one of those close fights where either side would feel aggrieved if they didn’t get it.

Kay Sumner was in great form getting a much deserved win over Yvonne McNevin in their third fight together, Kay having now won two of them. Tough battle but Kay was relentless and wouldn’t let her opponent get the upper hand at any time.

Patric Halforty was in career best form totally dominating a good fighter in Robert Miscow. Just a great performance and what most people won’t know is that Patric has been training with a bad hamstring injury for over 4 weeks now making his level of performance even more remarkable. He will now rest until the summer to give himself time to get over the injury.

There were wins also for Star’s Eddie Smith and Falcons Liam Wells, leaving us with the score of England 6 wins, 1 draw against just 2 losses, a very good night for English Kickboxing.

Thanks go to our good friend Pete Foley for his hospitality.