KOMBAT ZONE tickets now available.

The next KOMBAT ZONE event is just over 4 weeks away and we have a large team of TKO Academy Kickboxers and Boxers getting ready to take part, in fact we currently have 15 fighters scheduled to appear.

The event itself is stacked full of top class fights with several title fights, many of which feature our own TKO fighters. Tyler Oxford will be defending his British Junior title, Kelly Copeland steps up to challenge for the 5 nations title and Harry Hennon fights for the British Junior title in the next weight category up having already won the 5 nations title at 48 kilos.

As said alongside these 3 we have a large TKO presence on the night so please come along and cheer them on, they are working hard and will appreciate the support.

Tickets are now available at all classes but you can get them online here on this website at http://www.tkoacademy.co.uk/tko-shop/#!/~/category/id=1237204&offset=0&sort=nameAsc