Kelly so close!!!

Well back from Scotland and not quite the results we wanted but close enough!  Kelly Copeland got a draw in her challenge for the WKA European title, a result I guess I am bound to say I didn’t agree with but that’s the game some times.  Nice though to get approached afterwards by just so many of the Scottish supporters who thought Kelly had won, some of them had Kelly winning very clearly, so no title but maybe a moral victory.

Kelly made the best possible start putting Walker down for a count, then Natasha came back strong and the second and third rounds were close, however I am convinced we won the last two as the Champion tired badly, so we were a little shocked not to get the victory (especially with the 10-8 round in the first).  However Kelly, as all TKO Elite fighters do,took it sportingly and I could not be more proud of her performance.  A rematch??..well maybe but for now she will be busy preparing for her wedding in 2 months time.

There was better news for the return to action of Bradley Fothergill, taking a clear points win over a very determined unbeaten opponent. Brad as everyone knows is just so relaxed and he went about his work in his usual style, nice defensive work picking off his opponent with nice counters. A good first fight back after a years break.

A big thanks to all our Scottish friends for their hospitality.  Now its off to Kidderminster this week for the next outing for the team as Jenson Rowley returns to action.