Jenson wins on the road

Our second away trip of the month at the weekend and once again we came away with the win with Jenson Rowley taking a clear points over home town boy Ryan Gifford.

Not the tidiest bout as there was a lot of holding during the fight and in fact Ryan was deducted a point for this in the third round but the cleaner stronger work that was done was coming from Jenson and at the end the judges were unanimous in awarding the win to him with scores of 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 being announced. Not the easiest thing to do to travel over 3 hours on the day and still perform to the best of your ability so well done to Jenson

Our next trip is just two weeks away with Jay Huntley and Bradley Wray scheduled to fight in Cleveland on the World title event being promoted by Ron Gray.  As always details can be seen on our TKO Elite Facebook page at:  or on our TKO Elite Gym members group page at