TKO Elite in Ireland

Once again the TKO Elite team were invited to Ireland to take part in a team challenge match with an Irish select team at the event in Galway promoted by our good friend Peter Foley.

Taking 7 fighters I’m pleased to say we came away with 3 wins each with one bout being declared a no contest.

Chayden Carpenter v Eoin O’Connell – K1 Rules
Hard fight for Chayden. He came out sharp in the first round only for O’Connell to come back at him hard and he had to tough it out to take the decision. Great win for Chayden, really pleased for him. He’s had an incredibly busy fight career for someone whose still only 14. We spoke about this a few months back and will be resting him for the rest of the year and I’ve already turned down a good opportunity for him, but as said he needs to come off the treadmill a touch before we go for a big 2016

Fight 2
Tegan Hacker vCatherine Jennings – full contact
Split decision win for Jennings. Tegan starting sharp only for the greater aggression to swing it back for the Irish girl. But great learning experience for a 15 year old who trains hard and will come again for her next fight

Fight 3
Jeevan Rakar v Corey O’Malley – full contact
Clear points win for Jeevan who was relentless and closed down his tall opponent from the start. Brilliant win for Jeevan, fresh from a victory at KOMBAT ZONE and set to fight again in Hastings on 17th October looking in very good form

fight 4
Stephen Collins v Jamie O’Sullivan – full contact
Over before it really got going. The two of them went at it hard only for their to be an accidental clash of heads. Both lads cut and Jamie definitely unable to continue so no contest called.

fight 5
Kyle Payne v Fiachra Bond – Low kick rules
The one that got away for me. Thought Kyle nicked this one if honest, but then I would I suppose and it was a tough close fight so thats the sport I guess, but very pleased with Kyle’s performance in his first low kick rules fight and he took to it very easily. Brilliant fight and Fiachra was a top lad, very sporting.

fight 6
Abi Turp v Saoirse Joyce
A tough match for Abi but we had spoken about this more than a few weeks back and we were both happy to take it and came up with what we believed was a good gameplan and in the first round she carried it off brilliantly. Showing great composure and applying steady pressure I felt she took the first round. Second round Joyce came out fast and caught Abi with a great shot and that ended the fight. It was a great shot and that happens, but doesn’t detract from the positives and Abi handled it all very well. She’s trained non-stop over the past few months for this, been mixing it up in sparring with the likes of Kelly ChubbKay Estelle Sumner, Tina Harvey and Hayley Ward and it showed. She’s gutted to lose as am I of course but she will come back better for this experience.

fight 7
Bradley Fothergill v Yohann Schmidt – Low Kick rules
last fight and definitely the fight of the night..what a fight!! and so pleased for Brad who produced the performance I know he’s capable of. Yahann proper gave it to him from the start but Brad handled the pressure and was working brilliantly with the low kick which worked very well for him. The second round was a war..Brad scored two knockdowns only for Johann to come back and put Brad under tremendous pressure forcing a count himself and at the the start of the third round Yohann was the one getting on top only for Brad to come back strong scoring a low kick knockout, Yohann unable to beat the count. Can’t say enough how pleased I am with this win. Brad would be the first to admit he’s not done himself justice in his last couple of performances but here he came good in a big way and really looking forward to his next fight scheduled for October 17th

All in all a successful trip, one of many we have made to Ireland over the years. Thank you to Peter and our friends in Ireland for their hospitality and my personal thanks go  to each member of the team who prepared and performed so brilliantly.

Next stop Hastings on October 17th where we have 6 of the team fighting, grab a ticket and come and support them