2015 TKO Elite Presentation night

A big thank you to everyone who attended our presentation night at the weekend. It was a really good night and it showed the strength and continual growth of the gym as after all these years and having held more of these than we can remember last night was the busiest one ever, so thank you to all the members from all the instructors.

Special well done to the winners of our Student of the Year awards: Victoria Louise, Jack Liddle, Lexie SavageRytis Vilionis, Sharon Blee, Elliott Shawyer, Kyle PayneNicola PyeDan Grant, Max FullerBradley Fowle, Alfie Aldridge and Abi Turp.

Certificates were awarded to the successful candidates of our recent Black Belt grading: 1st Dan to both Jeevan Rakar and Tegan Hacker, with 2nd Dans for Tyler OxfordBradley Fothergill and Neil Wyborn. An extremely strong group of Black Belts that we are very proud of and they set the best of examples for other students to follow.

TKO Elite Fighter of the year: This is an award not picked by any of the other instructors, but by the fight team themselves. They vote for the fighter they feel has both fought well in the ring but also set the best example in the way they both train and conduct themselves. This year the award went to Jay Le Marrec. In 12 months Jay has fought 5 times, winning the first 4 and then suffering a controversial loss in the 5th, a decision that was with respect to his opponent, one of the worst I’ve seen in years and I can’t begin to count the people who came to us on the night to support that. However Jay accepted the ‘loss’ with dignity and sportsmanship and therefore he left the arena that night very much the ‘winner’ and it was nice to see that despite the great success of his fellow teammates this year the team recognised Jay’s achievements and for the way he worked throughout the year. We will pursue in 2016 the rematch that is rightfully his and I’m sure more success will come his way.

Every few years we make a special award to someone who has served the gym for a long period and has given much to both his fellow instructors and students and this year that went to Warren Fryer. Warren has been a member of our gym for many years and has shown fantastic loyalty and dedication to both myself and the other instructors of the gym so its an award well deserved.

Thank you to everyone who came, students young and old, juniors with their parents who support us so well. A great night, see you all next year

Our picture (apologies for the poor quality) shows our successful Black Belt candidates.