TKO Elite at the IKF K1 Open

This ones a little bit late so apologies for that, but a massive well done to our team who took part in the IKF Southern K1 Open last week in Hastings with us taking 2 first places on the day.

Tegan Hacker made a successful return to ring action with a great showing to take the cadet female under 65 kilos division. It was a solid performance and although she would admit herself she was still not back to 100% fitness she was always in the lead over a strong opponent.

Chayden Carpenter and Jeevan Raker shared first place in the cadet boys under 60 kilos category with both of them having reached the final and deciding then as team mates to share first place which was a a decision that we agreed with.

So a good day especially when the level of opposition was so strong across all divisions. This will be become I’m sure a regular event in the fight diary.

Well done to Promoter Andy Chambers and the IKF Management team for a great day