Rytis takes the win in tough K1 War

Massive well done to Rytis Villionis who took the win on Saturday night in Essex in a hard fought K1 fight with Damien Creavin from Ireland. It was pure and simple a war and one that everyone agreed was the fight of the night.

Damien came out strong and took the first round and the second was much closer with Rytis coming back well, which set them up nicely for a fantastic final 3rd round and it was Rytis who took this round scoring well with Knees up close and never giving his opponent any opportunity to come back.

It was great win and just reward for someone who works so hard in class. It was his 3 tough K1 fight in just 8 weeks…maybe now he’s earned himself a rest. #tkoelite #k1 #kickboxing #medway #chatham

Great picture courtesy of JON SNAPAWAY