Well done all our Juniors at their Grading

Another successful Junior grading was held yesterday and well done to all that took part, fantastic effort from all.

Special well done to the two winners of our Junior Grading awards, Ruby Mitchell (in the featured picture) and Isabelle Walsh, outstanding work.

Thank you to the parents who brought them along as well of course, without their help and support the children would not be able to achieve all that they do.  Setting our children challenging but realistic goals in their training is the aim of any well structured grading system, one that helps them both in their martial arts training but also as they move forward with their academic pursuits as well.  Success at gradings require focus, concentration, discipline and help to develop a good work ethic. All things that the children will need as they get older.

The next Junior grading is in October and we look forward to working with the juniors as they move on to their next goal on the road to Black Belt success.