TKO Elite – The Real Deal

No matter what your reason for training we have classes to suit everyone.

Our full time academy offers classes to all ages and abilities and across a large part of Kent with members from Dartford to Sittingbourne, including Gravesend, Strood, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham and the surrounding areas.

Chief Instructor & Grading Examiner:
Colin Payne 6th Dan
British Boxing Board of Control Professional Boxing Trainer

Senior Black Belts & Instructors:
Kelly Chubb 3rd Dan, Martina Jones 3rd Dan Warren Fryer 2nd Dan, Frank Hennon 2nd Dan, Frank Miall 2nd Dan, Neil Wyborn 2nd Dan, Tyler Oxford 2nd Dan, Bradley Fothergill 2nd Dan, Dan Chubb 1st Dan, Stephen Collins 1st Dan, Trevor Colton 1st Dan, Courtney Nevitt 1st Dan, Bradley Wray 1st Dan. Tegan Hacker 1st Dan, Jeevan Rakar 1st Dan, Ashley Fisher 1st Dan, Neil Ayton

Junior Black Belts:
Charlotte Frost 1st Dan

Please note this is a full list and anyone claiming to be a Black Belt with TKO Elite, but who is not listed here is NOT recognised by TKO Elite or the Total Martial Arts Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be fit to train in kickboxing?

No you don’t. Whatever your standard of fitness and whatever class you decide to start in we can work with you and through regular consistent training you will enjoy increased level of strength, stamina and flexibility. You don’t need to be fit to start, we’ll make you fit!!

What age do you have to be?

We have programs and classes for all ages:

Our TKO TOTS class for Pre-School children aged 3 to 5 is a specially designed Martial Arts based Program focusing on Co-ordination, Social Skills, Self-Confidence, Teamwork, Discipline and Physical wellbeing. We have integrated motor skill drills, Martial Arts moves and important life skills in a curriculum that gets the kids excited, sweating and eager to learn. It serves as an ideal foundation for the children before moving in to our JUNIOR Program.

For ages 6 to 11
Our program for children aged 6 to 12 years taught in a safe, disciplined but fun atmosphere. Each class offers tuition in kickboxing plus an exercise program designed to maximise fitness levels. Additionally, each child will be given the opportunity to grade using our specially adapted junior grading syllabus

For ages 12 to 17
To bridge the gap between the JUNIOR and ADULT Programs we have our Cadets section. This is also the stage where those students who wish to become involved in competition can do so.

For age 18 and over, this is our beginners program with a focus on developing a greater fitness level and working through the early stages of the TKO Kickboxing syllabus.

For age 18 and over. This is our top Program encompassing all aspects of Kickboxing training. However all members that start with the Basic Program are free to upgrade to the advance at any stage and in fact most do after a initial period. For those who wish to it is possible to start straight away in the advanced Program.

Are there gradings?

We operate to a structured Chikarakai Kickboxing freestyle Martial Arts grading syllabus. Everyone can use the grading system to gauge their progress and these are held at regular intervals. The belt system operates as follows:

  • 7th Grade – Red Belt
  • 6th Grade – Yellow Belt
  • 5th Grade – Orange Belt
  • 4th Grade – Green Belt
  • 3rd Grade – Purple Belt
  • 2nd Grade – Blue Belt
  • 1st Grade – Brown Belt
  • 1st Dan & above – Black Belt

Can I compete?

Yes, we are heavily involved in competitive kickboxing as both competitors and promoters of top quality events. These include Amateur and professional full contact events as well as under the light continuous format.

Do I have to fight?

No, we have two very strict rules with regards to sparring. The first being you must have completed at least one grading, the second being you must want to do it. We will not force anyone to do anything they do not wish to do. All sparring in the academy is done under strict supervision and all participants must wear full safety equipment to take part.

How much does it cost?

Our academy offers an excellent value for money membership covering all tuition and the equipment needed for successful kickboxing training. Full details of the programs on offer will be given on your FREE introductory class.